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Psalm 16

An antidote to uncertainty

There is no doubt we live in uncertain times and, at times, we may feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty we face. You can face the future with confidence as you follow David’s example in Psalm 16,. He chose to focus… Continue Reading →

Overcoming Uncertainty

There is no doubt we live in uncertain times. People are concerned about financial uncertainty, the threat of terrorism, and the direction of the country as we have a national election coming. At times we may feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty… Continue Reading →

What Is Your Response To Difficulty?

What is your response when you encounter a difficult situation?  Is God your first response or your last resort?  David in the Old Testament encountered a number of hardships in his life and many of his Psalms come from the… Continue Reading →

The Gift of Joy

Jesus has a special gift for you.   He made the offer to His disciples as they were about to face one of their greatest challenges and the gift is available to you today. These things I have spoken to… Continue Reading →


All of us have experienced disappointment in our lives – it’s part of the price we pay for living in a fallen world.  Yet, it is still painful and frustrating.  This week I have faced a major disappointment and I’ve been pondering, “How could… Continue Reading →

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