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Psalm 119

An antidote to uncertainty

There is no doubt we live in uncertain times and, at times, we may feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty we face. You can face the future with confidence as you follow David’s example in Psalm 16,. He chose to focus… Continue Reading →

What gives you delight?

You may experience delight in a variety of ways – the company of God friends, eating a delicious meal, or enjoying a beautiful sunset. Although David was facing some difficult challenges, he found delight in doing God’s will, I delight… Continue Reading →

A worthy role model

Who are the role models in your life? It’s helpful to have people who can show us how to live. Years ago I coached young children playing soccer. If you were to watch these children playing soccer you would get… Continue Reading →

Scripture Memory

One of the spiritual disciplines that has helped me grow spiritually is that of memorizing Scripture.  The Psalmist wrote, How can a young man keep his way pure?  By keeping it according to Your word. With all my heart I have sought You; do… Continue Reading →


Consider for a moment that there is a sovereign God and that He wants to communicate with you.  If you believe that is true then the most important task you have is to hear from Him.  This leads to the… Continue Reading →

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