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How you can achieve success

What makes a person successful? Is it the number of degrees or titles they’ve achieved? Is it the size of their bank account? Is it the notoriety they’ve achieved? These may all be significant accomplishments, but let’s look at success… Continue Reading →

Obedient from the Heart

Have you ever had the experience of trying to change a behavior only to fall back into the same old routine?  When we focus on our external behavior, we may have short term gains; however, long term success seems elusive…. Continue Reading →

Are you willing to pay the price?

My last blog post considered the price of obedience.  If you are going to achieve your God given destiny then it will require that you pay the price.  What if the price is greater than what you want to pay?… Continue Reading →

The Price of Obedience

We understand the importance of obedience in our lives, but how do you respond when it’s hard to obey?  There are times in my life when I know what I should do, but I prefer to go my own way… Continue Reading →

Compliance or Obedience

What are your thoughts about the words compliance and obedience?  Although they are often appear synonymous there are some subtle distinctions between these two words. Compliance usually refers to adherence to established policies and procedures.  Obedience usually includes the heart… Continue Reading →

Joshua’s Advice

The book of Joshua chronicles Israel’s conquest of the promised land.  As the soldiers returned home from battle Joshua gave them a new assignment.  They were not to let down their guard but they were to realize their new adversary… Continue Reading →

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