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How you can achieve success

What makes a person successful? Is it the number of degrees or titles they’ve achieved? Is it the size of their bank account? Is it the notoriety they’ve achieved? These may all be significant accomplishments, but let’s look at success… Continue Reading →

The Key to Fruitfulness

We long to live a life above our circumstances.  We desire stability in difficult times  and fruitfulness from our labors.  This longing engenders the question, “How do I experience a  life of fruitfulness?”  The Psalmist gives us a picture of… Continue Reading →

Leadership Summit at the Beach

When’s the last time your team devoted a day to professional development?  This week we brought our staff together for an intense day of leadership development as we watched and discussed several sessions from the 2013 Willow Creek Leadership Summit…. Continue Reading →

What does it mean to fear God?

A cursory glance of the Bible reveals a number of admonitions against fear (one scholar has enumerated 366 commands not to fear).  So what does it mean to fear God?  The lack of understanding could be attributed to the limitations… Continue Reading →

Living with Purpose – Courage

Do you ever sense that God’s purpose for your life is too big for you – perhaps a little overwhelming?  If you do that’s good news, it probably means that it’s God’s purpose and not your own plan.  As you… Continue Reading →

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