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John 10

Managing the transitions in your life

We face a number of transitions in life: we enter school, get a job, change jobs, develop new relationships, the transitions continue on. Transitions can be a time psychological turmoil as we leave the familiar and step into a new role…. Continue Reading →

Who’s in control?

My computer got hacked a couple days ago. Somehow, someone inserted a notice that caused my email program to stop working. After a few attempts to fix it, I went onto the link provided by the notice (not realizing the… Continue Reading →

Weekly Inspirational Quote

We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life; we’ve added years to our lives, not life to our years. Bob Moorehead makes this observation in an essay entitled, “The Paradox of Our Age.” Jesus confronts the paradox… Continue Reading →

Running the Race

Have you ever participated in a race?  If so how was that experience for you?   Your hope is to run the race well and the question we want to address is, “How can I run the race well?” The writer of… Continue Reading →

Don’t Settle!

Why are we prone to settle for less than God’s best?  Perhaps we take our cue from the world rather than God’s word.  As Robertson McQuilkin wisely observed, “Average is not necessarily normal.”  Watchman Nee in his classic, The Normal Christian… Continue Reading →


Jeanne and I have recently moved into a beautiful little community called Keswick.  We live in an area called Park West which is comprised of twenty-four individual communities, many of them with English names (Arlington, Churchill, Tennyson, Wellesley, etc.) as well… Continue Reading →

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