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Galatians 5

A strategy for overcoming sinful habits

It’s frustrating how entrenched sinful habits can become in our lives. God has provided many wonderful pleasures for us, but the effects of the fall have adulterated what God meant for good. For example, the enjoyment of good food has… Continue Reading →

Are you walking in freedom?

All of us have experienced the disappointment of overcoming a negative belief or habit only to fall back into the same old routine. It seems as though we take three steps forward, but two steps back. In frustration we may… Continue Reading →

Do you know the secret of the easy yoke?

What comes to your mind when you think of a yoke? The root word means to join together. It’s used metaphorically to join together or it may refer to a burden. A yoke is a heavy wooden beam that fits… Continue Reading →

Freedom in Christ Conference

Jeanne and I had the opportunity to attend the Freedom in Christ North American Summit conducted in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Freedom in Christ ministries exists to help people “lay aside every encumbrance and the sin that so easily entangles them so… Continue Reading →

The key to bearing much fruit

People desire to live a fruitful life, but for many it seems to be an elusive quest. One of the problems is that we think that we can bear fruit in our own strength. Jesus gives us the key to… Continue Reading →

A must read for parents

A good friend of mine recently recommended a video to me entitled,  “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict,” a documentary aimed at educating students and adults about the dangers of drug addiction. The director of the FBI, James… Continue Reading →

Getting Rid of ANTs

Have you ever had an encounter with fire ants?  I was mowing the yard in my first summer in Columbia, S.C. when suddenly I felt a burning sensation in my leg.  I looked down and my sneaker and sock were… Continue Reading →

Beyond Willpower

Beyond Willpower by Alex Loyd challenges the standard success blueprint that focuses on these three principles: 1. Focus on what you want 2. Figure out a plan to get there 3. Put the plan into action On the surface that sounds… Continue Reading →


It’s nice to be chosen!  Remember when you were young and the kids were choosing up sides for kickball – what was your greatest fear?  You did not want to be the last person chosen, or worse yet, not chosen… Continue Reading →

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