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1 Peter 5

Cure for a heavy heart

The challenges of life at times can cause us to have a heavy heart. The writer of Proverbs reveals a cause and a cure for a heavy heart, Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, but a good word makes… Continue Reading →

The key to greater grace

Grace is often defined as unmerited favor. The heart felt desire of Christians is that they would experience God’s grace in their lives. As the Apostle James quoted from the book of Proverbs, he reveals the key to greater grace,… Continue Reading →

Restoration Leads To Freedom

It was late on a Friday afternoon when I received a frantic phone from a young mother with several children as she and her family were re-locating to Mt. Pleasant. She sounded rather troubled, they were moving to a new… Continue Reading →

How Do You View Yourself?

How do you view yourself?  At times we may think that God could not possibly use us and at other times we may think that we we’re fine and we can get along by ourselves.  We have a tendency to… Continue Reading →

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