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1 John 1

Who’s in control?

My computer got hacked a couple days ago. Somehow, someone inserted a notice that caused my email program to stop working. After a few attempts to fix it, I went onto the link provided by the notice (not realizing the… Continue Reading →

Are you walking in the light?

Have you ever been in a forest at night with no source of light? Years ago I was hiking from a mountain top to our base camp and my flashlight stopped working. There was no moon and the darkness was… Continue Reading →

Nothing To Prove

Do you ever feel at times that you don’t measure up? We’ve all experienced that nagging thought that we’re not enough. Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen is an encouraging book that enables us to rest in His sufficiency rather than trying… Continue Reading →

God knows all about me and He still loves me!

Our recent blog posts have been examining some of the reasons why we may not experience victory in our lives.  We’ve looked at the danger of depending on ourselves and the problem of regarding our spiritual growth as a matter… Continue Reading →

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