Your view of God determines the type of person you will become. We see an example of this principle from the life of Jonathan, King Saul’s son. Israel was in a desperate battle with the Philistines. Jonathan said to his armor bearer, “Come and let us cross over to the Philistines’ garrison that is on the other side.” The problem was the Philistines held the high ground, the Israelites would need to come up out of the valley. The Philistines had a decisive military advantage.

Jonathan’s view of God however, was greater than the problems he faced. We must realize that great opportunities often involve great risk. We want God to perform miracles in our lives but we spend our time avoiding the context in which they occur. We must realize that when we play it safe we leave God out of our lives. Jonathan reveals his view of God,

Then Jonathan said to the young man who was carrying his armor, “Come and let us cross over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; perhaps the LORD will work for us, for the LORD is not restrained to save by many or by few. (1 Samuel 14:6)

Don’t miss that phrase, “the LORD is not restrained to save by many or by few.” Jonathan realized that God can accomplish His will in spite of our inadequacies – nothing is too difficult for God. You plus God equals a majority. Jonathan realized that his goal was not live risk free but he was free to risk. You cannot be a person of conquest if you’re not willing to enter the battle.

Jonathan had an unshakable confidence in God and he was willing to do what’s right not what was easy. You can choose comfort or you can choose courage, but you can’t choose both. We want the outcome but not the journey. What is a challenge you’re facing? May God give you the courage to engage in the journey and God will take care of the results.

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