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Freedom in Christ Conference

Jeanne and I had the opportunity to attend the Freedom in Christ North American Summit conducted in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Freedom in Christ ministries exists to help people “lay aside every encumbrance and the sin that so easily entangles them so… Continue Reading →

The Danger of Drifting

My last blog post posed the question, “If the abundant life is God’s standard for me then why does victory seem so elusive? ”   A major reason is that we live in the room of good intentions – we try… Continue Reading →

Living in Rhythm

Rhythm is part of our everyday lives:  day and night, ocean tides, the changing seasons, work and rest, and even the beating of our hearts.  Why do we so often ignore the rhythms of life?  In our 24/7 digital world in can be… Continue Reading →

The Little Book of Talent

Daniel Coyle has done it again with an excellent book!  “The Little Book of Talent” is an excellent companion to his previous book, “The Talent Code”.  “The Talent Code” presents the theory and background of how talent is developed and… Continue Reading →

Preemptive Relaxation

How do you relax?  This afternoon I took a 14 mile bike ride on wooded trails.  I pushed myself up the hills feeling the lactic acid building up in my legs and wondering if I could make it to the… Continue Reading →

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