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An example of noble character

How would you describe a person of noble character? Virtuous, excellent, or worthy are some of the words the Bible uses to describe Ruth, a woman of noble character. Ruth was a woman from Moab whose Jewish husband died as… Continue Reading →

Life is hard, but God is good

Our journey through life can oscillate between two extremes. At times we may seem to be chasing an imaginary “happily ever after” existence that seems to disappear just when we’ve achieved what we thought would make us happy. If we… Continue Reading →

Following the Master

Many people desire God’s blessings. Who is the person God blesses? Jesus provides the answer as the disciples met in the upper room to celebrate the Passover. As Jesus was preparing His disciples for His upcoming departure, He had a… Continue Reading →

Today’s sermon in ten tweets

We’re continuing our “Go-to” series of of key Bible passages that are important for us to know and incorporate in our lives. Today we looked at John 16:33, I have told you these things, so that in me you may… Continue Reading →

What are you choosing?

Everyday we encounter a multitude of choices. We make our choices and then we realize that our choices make us. Your life is the sum total of the choices you’ve made over the years. After Israel entered the promised land,… Continue Reading →

What are you putting off?

Procrastination is an activity that we’ve engaged in at times. When we regret our procrastination we may conclude one of these days we’re going to stop procrastinating – but not now. One benefit of procrastination is that it gives you… Continue Reading →

A picture of wholehearted devotion

Have you ever been fully devoted to a task? There is a feeling of exhilaration and abandonment that comes when you’re all in. You become intensely focused in your passionate pursuit of the objective. The Old Testament describes an individual… Continue Reading →

How you can achieve success

What makes a person successful? Is it the number of degrees or titles they’ve achieved? Is it the size of their bank account? Is it the notoriety they’ve achieved? These may all be significant accomplishments, but let’s look at success… Continue Reading →

Put out into the deep

Have you ever been given an assignment that seems beyond your ability? Maybe you’ve been told to do something that doesn’t make sense to you. One of Jesus’ disciples, Simon Peter, had such an experience. Peter and his friends had… Continue Reading →

Are you an encourager?

You were not created to live in isolation – you were designed to live in community. God informed Adam, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” We desire true community, but why does it seem so elusive? We… Continue Reading →

Where do you go in times of trouble?

Adversity has way of revealing our true character. The condition of our hearts is often revealed when we go through crises. Our normal response is to avoid adversity, but we must realize that the roots grow deep when the winds… Continue Reading →

A must read for parents

A good friend of mine recently recommended a video to me entitled,  “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict,” a documentary aimed at educating students and adults about the dangers of drug addiction. The director of the FBI, James… Continue Reading →

How to deal with shattered dreams

Have you ever experienced the pain of shattered dreams? When the actual situation does not match our expectations, it often results in heartache. Unfortunately there is no shortage of situations that can cause us to lose heart. We are a… Continue Reading →

Do you see with spiritual eyes?

At times you may encounter situations that seem so overwhelming that you may lose sight of God. That was how Elisha’s servant felt when he and Elisha were surrounded by a hostile army. Now when the attendant of the man… Continue Reading →

How to experience a life of fulfillment

The heartfelt cry among many people is “How can I experience a life of fulfillment?” A life of fulfillment is actually a life of grace. Those who know grace will show grace. You can live a fulfilling life by understanding… Continue Reading →

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