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A prayer of commitment

We can learn a great deal from the prayers of the saints who have preceded us. This prayer was found among the papers of a young African pastor in Zimbabwe after he was martyred. His legacy continues on through this prayer, may… Continue Reading →

A tribute to mothers

A godly mother creates a powerful legacy for her children. Temple Bailey wrote this classic article for Good Housekeeping Magazine in 1933, The young mother set her foot on the path of life. “Is this the long way?” she asked…. Continue Reading →

Are you living in grace?

What comes to mind when you think of the word grace? Some people may think of a blue-eyed blonde. A Christian may respond with a theological response of God’s unmerited favor. It’s important to have a proper understanding of grace,… Continue Reading →

Are you equipping the next generation?

There is a tendency for us to think that our beliefs and values will naturally continue on to the next generation. The nation of Israel assumed that their faith in God would continue on to the following generations. God did a… Continue Reading →

A worthy role model

Who are the role models in your life? It’s helpful to have people who can show us how to live. Years ago I coached young children playing soccer. If you were to watch these children playing soccer you would get… Continue Reading →

Today’s sermon in 10 tweets

We finished our sermon series on Living a Life of Grace. Here’s the sermon in 10 tweets: 1. Grace does not offer freedom to sin, it offers freedom from sin. 2. Grace is not an excuse to do as we please,… Continue Reading →

Put your basket in the river and trust God

Have you ever been anxious over a circumstance that you can’t control that will potentially harm you or your family? If your answer is no, I would like to meet you and also test your blood to make sure you’re… Continue Reading →

What are a parent’s responsibilities?

How would you describe your upbringing? I was raised by my grandmother – she reflected a life of fortitude as one who had persevered through the crucible of the the great depression. When I was growing up, many of my… Continue Reading →

365 ways to develop your spiritual life!

I just purchased the kindle version of the NIV, Lifehacks Bible, eBook: Practical Tools for Successful Spiritual Habits for $1.99. This is a great Bible at a great price. This is not a study Bible, rather it provides you with 365 articles… Continue Reading →

Overcoming Despondency

Have you ever experienced times when if feels like God is not there? It seems that no one cares for you and that you’ve been completely forgotten. It’s easy for self-pity to set in and you start a downward spiral…. Continue Reading →

Restoration Leads To Freedom

It was late on a Friday afternoon when I received a frantic phone from a young mother with several children as she and her family were re-locating to Mt. Pleasant. She sounded rather troubled, they were moving to a new… Continue Reading →

Are You a Good Soldier?

What comes to mind when you think of a good soldier? Perhaps the words competent, brave, or obedient come to mind. Let’s see how the Apostle Paul defined a good soldier, Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of… Continue Reading →

The Good News in One Verse

The Apostle Peter encourages the recipients of his letter to always be ready to show others the reason why they have hope, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who… Continue Reading →

Deep Mentoring

God’s desire is for you to be salt and light in the world.  This involves helping others to follow Jesus.  The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses,… Continue Reading →

Passing the baton

When I was in Junior High School I ran the 440 relay race.  The critical part of the relay race is passing the baton.  A team with smooth transitions for passing the baton could actually beat a team with faster… Continue Reading →

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