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Freedom in Christ Conference

Jeanne and I had the opportunity to attend the Freedom in Christ North American Summit conducted in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Freedom in Christ ministries exists to help people “lay aside every encumbrance and the sin that so easily entangles them so… Continue Reading →


Mark Batterson’s book, Whisper, gives practical advice on how to hear the voice of God. He illustrates the importance  and necessity of hearing from God. We often invest time treating the symptoms while we’re ignoring the cause. Batterson asserts the… Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened to Truth?

This morning I heard Steve Inskeep of NPR interview Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, at the Republican National Convention.  Inskeep asked Falwell about his support for Donald Trump, especially considering Trump’s personal life.  Falwell responded, “Well, I think… Continue Reading →

Do you Know Your Spiritual Gifts?

Have you ever given someone a gift and then seen it ignored or even re-gifted?  When you give a gift to someone else your desire is to see that it is appreciated and it is disheartening to see your gift… Continue Reading →

What is a Healthy Church?

As you look at the teams that make it to the Super Bowl you find that they are well rounded with few weaknesses – this year we see the best offense of the NFL going up against the best defense of… Continue Reading →

A Picture of a Healthy Small Group

A healthy small group  can be a tremendous catalyst to your spiritual growth.  You may wonder, “What do I look for in a healthy small group?”  The Apostle Paul reveals several characteristics of a healthy small group in his letter… Continue Reading →

The Church as the Hope of the World

We were honored to have Bill Hybels speak at the five year anniversary at The Church at LifePark.   (Hybels is the founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, one of the most attended churches in North America.  He is… Continue Reading →

Hope Springs Eternal

What comes to mind when you think of the word hope?  We often use hope to express a wish such as, “I hope it won’t rain today?”   It is used to express a desire when there is a degree of… Continue Reading →

The Leadership Summit – Bill Hybels

The Willow Creek Leadership Summit will impact more than 190,000 leaders in 105 countries and it will be broadcast live to more than 300 locations in North America on August 14 -15 2014.  Over the next few months I will… Continue Reading →

Do you know that you don’t know?

This past week a team from LifePark traveled to a Church Planting workshop sponsored by The Cypress Project.  It was a great opportunity to partner together with other churches to see how we could mobilize transformed people into a lost… Continue Reading →

Thank you Fellowship

Jeanne and I have been at Fellowship Bible Church for 26 years and we’re moving to a new ministry.  Fellowship has become a family to us and it’s hard saying good-by to family members.  We have developed deep and lasting… Continue Reading →

The Hope of the World

What are your thoughts as you look at the world?  If you focus solely on the headlines it may seem rather depressing.  Many people long for hope and they look for it in government, education, technology, and many different places… Continue Reading →

The Church at LifePark

My current ministry position enables me to interact with a large number of churches.  I had the opportunity this past weekend to be with The Church at LifePark at the White Oak Conference and Retreat Center.  It was great to… Continue Reading →

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