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Positive Discipline Tools for Teachers

Positive Discipline Tools for Teachers by Jane Nelsen and Kelly Gfroerer provides teachers the resources for effective classroom management. Their approach is based on the teachings of Rudolph Dreikurs who was influenced by the psychology of Alfred Adler. The five criteria they… Continue Reading →

How we love

How We Love: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage by Milan and Kay Yerkovich applies attachment theory to the relational problems that married couples may experience. The authors move past the presenting problems and explore the root causes of those symptoms…. Continue Reading →

Option B

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg reveals the sorrow and strength Sheryl experienced after the unexpected passing of her husband, David Goldberg. Psychologist Adam Grant has co-authored this book and provides principles to help people… Continue Reading →

He Calls You Beautiful: Hearing the Voice of Jesus in the Song of Songs

He Calls You Beautiful: Hearing the Voice of Jesus in the Song of Songs by Dee Brestin helps the reader to see God’s love for His people by drawing a parallel with our relationship with God and marriage. “‘To know… Continue Reading →

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign by political correspondents Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes takes an unbiased look at the recent presidential election. Hillary Clinton was favored to win the election, so what happened? The authors interviewed key staffers and reconstructed the events leading… Continue Reading →

Endurance by Alfred Lansing

Are you looking for a good addition to your summer reading list? Endurance by Alfred Lansing reveals the challenges Ernest Shackleton encountered on his trans-Antarctic expedition. Here’s a brief overview to whet your appetite. Endurance departed from South Georgia for… Continue Reading →

Known: Finding Deep Friendships in a Shallow World

Known: Finding Deep Friendships in a Shallow World by Dick and Ruth Foth reveals how our technologically sophisticated age may take us wide with a variety of options, but only genuine relationships with others can take us deep. God declared… Continue Reading →

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God (but were afraid to ask)

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God (but were afraid to ask) by Eric Metaxas presents a light-hearted approach to Christian apologetics. The book is written in a question and answer format with easy to understand answers and explanations…. Continue Reading →

The Power of Meaning

The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters by Emily Esfahanhi Smith examines four key pillars that bring meaning to one’s life. The author clarifies the distinction between a happy life and a meaningful life. She points out those who… Continue Reading →

Leaders Made Here

Leaders Made Here: Building a Leadership Culture by Mark Miller is a fast moving parable about implementing a leadership culture in an organization. The fictional company searches out best practices and summarizes their findings into a blueprint that organizations can use to… Continue Reading →

Nothing To Prove

Do you ever feel at times that you don’t measure up? We’ve all experienced that nagging thought that we’re not enough. Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen is an encouraging book that enables us to rest in His sufficiency rather than trying… Continue Reading →

52 Words Every Christian Should Know

52 Words Every Christian Should Know by Kendell Easley presents 52 key theological words in a brief, easy to read format. If you know individuals who are new to Christianity or seeking to deepen their walk with God you will find… Continue Reading →

When God Made You

When God Made You was written by Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by David Catrow. This is a children’s book revealing that you are uniquely made by God and you have a special contribution that you can make in the world…. Continue Reading →

Seven-Mile Miracle

Seven-Mile Miracle: Journey into the Presence of God Through the Last Words of Jesus by Steven Furtick applies Christ’s seven statements from the cross to our lives. Steven takes a fresh look at these sayings of Jesus with a relevant… Continue Reading →

Effortless Healing

Effortless Healing by Joseph Mercola presents nine principles to help your body heal itself. Mercola was trained in the traditional methods of health care and now emphasizes alternative medicine. Here are the nine healing principles he describes, Drink pure water… Continue Reading →

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