Leaders Made Here: Building a Leadership Culture by Mark Miller is a fast moving parable about implementing a leadership culture in an organization. The fictional company searches out best practices and summarizes their findings into a blueprint that organizations can use to develop a leadership culture. “However, the journey to high performance always begins with leadership. This book is a deep dive on one critical question every organization faces: How do you ensure you’ll have the needed leaders to fuel your future success?” (p. 1).

The story illustrates the necessity of developing a leadership culture, “A leadership culture exists when leaders are routinely and systematically developed, AND when you have a surplus of leaders” (p. 26).

Mark emphasizes throughout the book, “Leaders are responsible for the culture in an organization” (p. 10). The Apostle Paul reminds us that we are to lead with all diligence (Romans 12:8). If you are seeking to develop a high performance organization with a surplus of leaders then you will find this book a helpful resource. You can visit the website, leadersmadeherebook.com, for additional information about the book and read a sample chapter.

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