He Calls You Beautiful: Hearing the Voice of Jesus in the Song of Songs by Dee Brestin helps the reader to see God’s love for His people by drawing a parallel with our relationship with God and marriage. “‘To know the Lord,’ Mike Mason writes, ‘is to be brought into a personal relationship so dramatic and overwhelming that marriage is only a pale image of it'” (p. 78). The author quotes Douglas Sean O’Donnell, “Just as your desire for intimacy with your spouse is a reliable indicator of your marital health, so too your desire for intimacy with Christ is a reliable indicator of your spiritual health” (p. 142).

The theme of God’s love for His people is emphasized throughout the book. Spiritual truth is applied as the author asks, “Do you want to be set free? Then learn what it means to be ravished by God” (p. 46). With personal examples, coupled with insights from leading evangelical scholars, the author reveals God’s love for His people.

There is a strong emphasis on one’s personal sanctification as the author differentiates between a life of works based upon religion and a life of grace based upon the gospel. “The first on the list was this: under religion we say, ‘I obey; therefore, I’m accepted; while under the gospel we say, ‘I’m accepted; therefore, I obey'” (p. 59).

Dee Brestin writes from a depth of knowledge and spirituality that bring The Song of Solomon to life. Each chapter has a lesson that deepens one’s understanding and application of the content in the chapter. The book also contains lesson-by-lesson leader’s notes to assist the leader. I highly recommend this book for giving you a greater understanding of The Song of Solomon, as well as deepening your intimacy with God. (I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review).

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