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The Unmerciful Thief

The Unmerciful Thief by Mary Causey is a powerful story as Mary chronicles the story of her son’s battle with addiction. This book views addiction through the eyes of a loving parent. Mary shares the heartache of a parent who… Continue Reading →

Weekly Inspirational Quote

If I have seen further than others, it was by standing upon the shoulders of giants. Sir Isaac Newton demonstrated humility as he made this observation regarding his incredible accomplishments. After all, anyone who developed calculus (recognition also to Gottfried… Continue Reading →

God has much more to give you

Have you had an experience when you thought there should be more? We can become so inured to relying upon our resources, that we can lose sight of God’s ability to give us much more. I had an experience when… Continue Reading →

Sunday’s sermon in 10 tweets

Sunday’s sermon was from Exodus 33: 1. We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life; we’ve added years to our lives, but not life to our years. 2. God can transform your life as you meet with… Continue Reading →

Truths that can change your life

Years ago in flight school a friend introduced me to The Navigators Topical Memory System. I started memorizing two verses a week and God changed my life from the inside out. The Psalmist teaches us, Your word I have treasured… Continue Reading →

Weekly Inspirational Quote

We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life; we’ve added years to our lives, not life to our years. Bob Moorehead makes this observation in an essay entitled, “The Paradox of Our Age.” Jesus confronts the paradox… Continue Reading →

Don’t lose heart!

What causes you to lose heart? We may face a number of situations that can cause us to lose heart. When I was in the military our instructors were adept at causing the recruits to lose heart so they could… Continue Reading →

Weekly Inspirational Quote

Dream no small dreams, they have no power.  Or if you prefer to read it in the original, „Träume keine kleinen Träume, denn sie haben keine Kraft.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe challenges the reader not to be content with the ordinary but… Continue Reading →

What gives you delight?

You may experience delight in a variety of ways – the company of God friends, eating a delicious meal, or enjoying a beautiful sunset. Although David was facing some difficult challenges, he found delight in doing God’s will, I delight… Continue Reading →

Weekly Quote

The short-term easy leads to the long-term difficult, while the short-term difficult leads to the long-term easy. There is a temptation to take the easy route and enjoy instant gratification, but we must remember that delayed gratification often carries the… Continue Reading →

How to Think

How to Think: A Survival Guide for a World at Odds by Alan Jacobs challenges us to consider our thoughts as he reveals some of the habits we’ve acquired that lead to misunderstandings. He presents Susan Harding’s essay “Representing Fundamentalism:… Continue Reading →

God’s prescription for facing uncertainty

How do you handle times of uncertainty in your life? It seems that the greater the uncertainty the more stress we may feel. Solomon gives us much needed wisdom in the book of Proverbs, Trust in the LORD with all… Continue Reading →

A walk in the woods

When is the last time you saw the milky way? Last weekend we saw the milky way, shooting stars, and a satellite moving through the evening sky and we beheld God’s creation during the daytime. The Psalmist declared God’s handiwork… Continue Reading →

What is that in your hand?

We can cling to our own preferences so tightly that they can keep us from serving God. Moses fell into that trap. He had been a shepherd for forty years and he became comfortable in that role. God had a… Continue Reading →

Never Settle For Normal

Never Settle For Normal: The Proven Path to Significance and Happiness by Jonathan Parnell challenges the reader not to settle for a normal life but to experience a life of significance and happiness. I liked the emphasis of the book; however,… Continue Reading →

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